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Riverview Animal Hospital
550 Pine Glen Road, Suite 100, Riverview, New Brunswick, E1B 4X2

E: info@riverviewah.ca
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Welcome to Riverview Animal Hospital

Riverview Animal Hospital is the only 24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency and day-to-day pet hospital staffed by a veterinarian in Riverview and the Greater Moncton Area of New Brunswick. We perform small animal services such as vaccines, spays, neuters, dentistries, and most other services that your pet will need over the course of their lives. Should your cat or dog require overnight or emergency vet care you can rest assured our veterinary staff will always be there to tend to your issues and keep a watchful eye. We have at least one veterinarian and one technician on site each and every night; weekends included. New clients are always welcome, we look forward to meeting you & your pets!

Our animal clinic offers a variety of services including:

Radio Iodine Therapy

Pet Medication

Spay/Neuter Services

Veterinary Diet

Animal Laboratory Services

Pet X-ray

Flea/Tick Control

Pet Surgery

24-Hour Emergency

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