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Corinna Yuill

Client Service Representative

I started at the clinic in June 2017. I have always been interested in all different types of animals and as a little girl, I wanted to work in a zoo. I started working in the veterinary field in Edmonton, Alberta and found a passion within myself. Not only was this passion to help the pets, but to be a shoulder to cry on for owners, as well as help owners with all different kinds of problems. I am most interested in knowledge and seek it all the time, love learning something new to share with owners and team members.

What I love about my job is being a part of a large team with so many passionate caring people, that you just can't find at most places of work. I also love all the fur-babies! My favourite thing about Riverview Animal Hospital is how much everyone is involved in the overall well being of all the pets, big and small. Being an emergency hospital open 24-7 we are always busy and I love it!

Fun fact about me is that I am afraid of heights, however, I faced my fear and went Skydiving twice. My first pet was a dog named Ginger when I was young, but we also had two rabbits, Hopper and Thumper. I have always loved pets and working in the field gave me the opportunity to have many animals. I have owned five ferrets: Fritz, Bandit, Tazz, Spud, and Spy. My first dog of my own was a three-pound Chihuahua named Striker and then it was Keida and Sammy who are both Golden Retrievers, followed by Cora, a big yellow Labrador. My heart wasn't filled yet, as I got my first cat Furby from the Moncton S.P.C.A. The last cat I adopted was at Riverview Animal Hospital, his name is Andre the Giant.



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