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Dr. Chantal

Dr. Chantal Rittwage

I was in my third year of a Bachelor of Science at the University of New Brunswick, not really knowing what I wanted to do afterwards, then my cat Cleo got sick. I brought her to Southpaw Animal Hospital in Fredericton and had this 'light bulb' moment, "Why have I never thought of this before?" It just made sense, I wanted to do something that would be helping people and have always been obsessed with animals. I changed my focus from Chemistry and was lucky enough to get accepted into the Atlantic Veterinary College, class of 2011. I have been working additional hours here since 2015, but only just transferred here full time in April of 2018. I love anything to do with surgery. Currently, I'm focusing on orthopedics but hope to go beyond that as well. I really enjoy rehabilitation, acupuncture and have an obsession with eyes and ophthalmology. My first family pet was a Labrador/Collie-cross named Sheba. I love that there are no limits in this profession. No matter how long you've been a veterinarian, there are always more things you can learn to do. I love the variety of cases that come into this emergency clinic and way the staff here work so synergistically to provide quick, efficient and life-saving care, for animals in need. I love to bake and even make wedding cakes from time to time.



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