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Keirsten Perry

Veterinary Technician

There was never a time that I did not have a pet in my life. Growing up I always loved animals, and as I got older, I knew that working in this field was my passion. I joined the team at Riverview Animal Hospital in May of 2018, after just moving to New Brunswick two years before to study Veterinarian Technician at Oulton College. I have a huge interest in emergency and critical care. I feel that Riverview Animal Hospital has open arms for everything and everyone works together as a team to provide optimal care for each patient.

Fun facts: I have a horse that I bought at the age of 15, she was a humble 3-year-old Standardbred who loves to do eventing. I also have two dogs; an Australian shepherd lab mix, and an Amercian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Boxer mix.



So Your Dog Got High?

As we grow closer to Marijuana becoming legalized, we are seeing an increase in the number of dogs coming into vet clinics with marijuana toxicity.

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