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Louise Arsenault

Veterinary Assistant
Inspiration was my mom who was working at the Moncton Animal Clinic and would share her day's work with me. It sparked an interest and ignited a desire to join the team. I have always felt very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to become a team member. I was a stay at home Mom and decided to join the workforce. It was the very first job I ever applied for and first and only interview of my life! That was Sept of 1986, 30 years ago! My special area of interests is surgery! I first pet was a stray dog, called Hobo. I love my job because I love that every day is different, I love to be able to be prepared and ready for whatever comes our way. The fast pace and the ability to actually make a difference in a pet's life. I love that as a team, we are the best in what we do. My favourite thing about the clinic is surgery by far. It always amazes me on how great the designer was that created all these special parts with specific functions and how creative and knowledgeable the surgeons have to be to repair and modify them. The care and empathy that our team has towards their care and wellness is truly very special. Fun fact about myself is I spoil my grand kids and tell them what their parents did when they were kids!


Tippy I Lean’s Retirement

Many of our clients have been asking where our little Tippy friend has been.

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