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Michelle Richard

Veterinary Assistant
My deep interest in animals have led me into the veterinary field, I graduated in 2015 and attend Eastern College here in Moncton. I decided to join Riverview Animal Hospital when I realized that was where all the excitement was. I am most interested in learning new techniques on handling and providing excellent patient care to varieties of species. My first pet was a hamster named Chloe. I love attending to clients' pets. I feel like when they get used to you, knowing you're the person that is bringing them outside and feeding them that they tend to like you. I love giving them extra attention by sitting with them, scratching behind the ear and heating up blankets, so they are extra comfortable. It's always nice to see how they enjoy their stay with us. I can't get over how well the staff works together and how much work goes into a clinic like this one. Fun fact about myself is I got engaged in Iceland in June and moving into a tiny house on wheels in the country.


Tippy I Lean’s Retirement

Many of our clients have been asking where our little Tippy friend has been.

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