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2019 Dates Coming Soon Does your pet experience any of the following?

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Ways of Being Active With Your Dog

Exercise for a dog is very important; depending on the breed and activity level, some may need more exercise than others. With spring being here and summer coming right around the corner, there are lots of fun activities you can do with your dog.

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Pet Poison Prevention Tips

March is upon us, and you can almost feel the spring air making its way around again. You might notice in the next couple months that buds are blossoming, and flowers are rising from the once frozen ground.

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Skin Lumps and Bumps Q&A

It can be quite alarming to find a sudden lump or bump on your pet.  It’s hard not to have the scary “C” word in the back of your mind; cancer.  Before you start panicking, not all lumps and bumps are necessarily threatening. What should I do if I find a lump or bump? First […]

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What is a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) ?

There are two cruciate ligaments that hold together the knee joint making it a hinged joint. An ACL injury occurs when the anterior (or the ligament that is attached in the front of the knee) ruptures. Think of a door with two hinges, it will open and close with ease. Then think of a door […]

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As some of you may have recently read, rescue organizations in Moncton are reeling from a devastating loss,

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