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As we wrap up senior health months I wanted to introduce you to an amazing organization that we work with, Elderdog Canada. Elderdog Canada is a non-profit organization that provides support not only to senior pets, but to their human companions as well.  Communities that support this organization set up Pawds (local chapters), that include volunteers that donate their time to help seniors in the community take care of their pets.  The volunteers may help with pet care, drives to the vet, or simply by taking their beloved pet for a walk.  Another way that this wonderful organization helps is by fostering senior pets when their lives have been disrupted due to their owners having an illness, being hospitalized or having to move to supportive housing.  Instead of these pets going to a shelter, where their likelihood of being adopted is low, they get to live out the rest of their days in the comfort and loving homes of Pawd members.

Elderdog Canada was first introduced to me by Pawd member Jackie, a client at Riverview Animal Hospital.  Jackie, first discovered the organization when her beloved dog Frasier passed away.  She was looking for a way to give back in Frasier’s honor, and started fund raising but wasn’t sure where the best place to donate the money to, until she found Elderdog.  She quickly realized that she wanted to become part of this group and offered to foster senior dogs.

Soon after she was introduced to Phoebe, a senior sheltie that was pushed out of a van as it barely slowed down on a Dartmouth street.  A kind person quickly rescued Phoebe and took her to a shelter, where Elderdog Canada rescued her and Jackie fostered her.  Within weeks Rhylea another sheltie was looking for a home after her human companion passed away and the family took her to an animal hospital to be euthanized.  The staff at the hospital convinced the family to let them rehome her, and Jackie jumped at the opportunity to help.  Jackie forever fostered both of these kind sweet soles.

It takes some very loving people to rescue a senior pet, knowing that their time together may not be as long as you hope.  These amazing pets deserve to have warm beds, and loving humans, as they move into their golden years.  Luckily Jackie and Elderdog Canada are there to help in their time of need.

If you would like some more information on Elderdog Canada or would like to start a Pawd in your community please visit http://www.elderdog.ca/ for more information.

Written by: Kelli Cormier, RVT



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