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We are all familiar with the need for insurance when it comes to owning a car, a house, or with regard to our own health, but when it comes to our pets, insurance doesn’t tend to be something that readily comes to mind. Pets are members of the family and we want the very best for them, but many pet parents aren’t prepared for the unexpected. When faced with difficult decisions pertaining to a beloved pet’s health it is not uncommon that critical decisions are made based upon finances. Here at RAH we offer Desjardin financing to help with medical expenses, but even this resource has its limitations. No pet is invulnerable to accidents or disease and we want to spare every owner the heartache of being unable to afford critical care. Pet insurance is therefore something that we strongly encourage every pet owner take into consideration, especially when looking to adopt a new fur baby.

Here are some answers to FAQ regarding pet insurance:

What is it?

Just as your car insurance covers the costs associated with a car accident, so pet insurance covers the costs associated with your pet having an accident or becoming ill. If your dog has a run in with a porcupine and needs quills removed, your tomcat develops urinary crystals, or your pet is hit by a car and now has a fractured limb, the cost of treating for these conditions is covered if you have pet insurance.

How much does it cost?

There are a few different pet insurance providers in Canada, but the two that we deal with most at RAH are Pet Secure (through Western Financial) and Trupanion. Both of these companies offer free quotes on policies and it literally takes only a few minutes to get a quote. Visit their websites (links below) and answer a few basic questions to get a quote for several different levels of coverage. It is quick and easy –even if you’re just curious about pet insurance this is a great way to get an idea of monthly premiums, deductibles, coverage, etc. Often these insurers offer between 30 and 60 days of free coverage.

What is covered?

Coverage depends on the plan you go with. All Pet Secure plans offer some level of coverage for accidents, illness, dentistry, and things like diagnostic testing and prescription medications. Trupanion offers similar coverage, with the exception of preventative dental procedures. Unless you choose the highest level of coverage, at the highest monthly cost, pet insurance generally does not cover exam fees, vaccinations, or preventative parasite medication. No insurer covers pre-existing conditions.

How does it work?

Pet insurance requires that the client first pay their veterinary bill out-of-pocket. The claim is then submitted either by the client or the veterinary clinic, and once processed the client is reimbursed for the applicable portion of the bill. Note that Pet Secure offers 80% coverage and Trupanion offers 90% coverage (Pet Secure policies tend to be a little more expensive but the deductibles are comparatively lower, whereas Trupanion offers cheaper basic plans with higher deductibles).

Pets enrich our lives, providing us with so much happiness and joy; we owe it to them to be ready if they ever get sick or hurt. If you have pets already, and especially if you’re thinking about adopting a new one, put pet insurance on your list of things you’ll need to keep them happy and healthy!

For a free quote with PetSecure:

https://www.petsecure.com/quote/ or Call 1.800.268.1169

For a free quote with Trupanion:

https://trupanion.com/canada/get-quote or Call 855.210.8749

Also, check out this ‘Pay It Forward’ video by PetSecure:





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