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Pocket Pets Services

The term Pocket pet is commonly used for small mammals like rodents, that families can enjoy as pets. The most common small mammals included in this category are mice, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets and hamsters.


What pocket pets do you service?

Riverview Animal hospital is here for you and your pocket pet should you need us in an emergency situation.


    Open every day even holidays. Which is why I started going there as my new puppy I got on…

    Pami Dick

    They are so nice there and aren't pushy about unnecessary proceedures. That's important to me.

    Angela Clarke

    My hubby and I were there this evening with Eddie ... he's coming around nicely. Thank you so much!❤️

    Tara Lee

    We are new clients to the Riverview Animal Hospital as we just moved to the area but have had exceptional…

    Nadia Vieira

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