Courtney Da Rosa

Client Service Representative

My name is Courtney and I am a Client Service Representative at the Riverview Animal Hospital.

Originally from Ontario, I have been working in the veterinary industry for 2 years and chose to be a Customer Care Representative to be there for every owner and pet who are going through a stressful time. My goal in this role is to assist these owners and pets in receiving the care and compassion that is required to get through these challenging situations.

As someone who is able to stay calm in any high stress situation, I am able to think clearly and calmly to be a support to the people around me. My ultimate goal is to become an animal abuse investigator to continue and help animals get out of bad situations and into their forever loving homes.

When I am not at work, I love going on full day adventures and exploring the city and new hiking trails with my two dogs Stitch (Yellow Lab) and Nova (German Shorthaired Pointer).

Fun Fact: My dogs ARE my children!